Customize Your Dog’s Boarding Stay

Throwing a toy for the dogs

Ready to fetch!

We know each pet is unique and owners know their pet best. So we keep our base dog boarding rate as low as possible, and allow you to choose the level of activity that’s best for your four legged friend. Our experience has shown that high levels of physical activity and interaction result in happier and healthier pets–especially when they’re away from home.  The following additional activities and services provide you with a way of letting your dog get spoiled with attention while you are away.

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Group Play Sessions

Golden retriever puppy playing outside

Some fun in the sun!

Dogs staying for the day or overnight may like to participate in our Play School program. In the Play School program dogs are separated into small groups based on age, size, activity level and temperament. It is a very structured hands-on program similar to nursery school for children. Each Play School session includes open play time, obedience reinforcement, use of puppy playground equipment, outdoor play time, and lots of positive reinforcement with hands on praise.

Individual Play Sessions

Staff giving dog a toy

Individual play time

If your dog isn’t a social butterfly and prefers individual attention, we recommend our individual play sessions. These sessions provide what your dog enjoys the most — playing with a ball, taking a walk or playing with a special toy from home. You tell us what your best friend likes to do and we’ll make sure they get those special activities.

Premium Bed

Is your dog used to being pampered? Then consider upgrading your dog’s accommodations to include a premium bed while remaining in a standard room.

Gourmet, Yummy Treats

Our canine guests can enjoy some of the yummiest and healthiest treats available.

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