We Love All Pets!

Yellow and blue parrot

“Pretty Bird!”

At Paws Pet Resort and Spa, we understand there are times when you will need someone else to take care of your rabbit, bird, hamster or other domestic pet. Many things, such as travel, may interfere with your ability to care for your pet as planned. Since many of these smaller pets have delicate systems, it is often necessary to remove them from your home for reasons such as remodeling, painting, fleas spraying, carpet cleaning, furnace failure, etc.

You may be tempted to leave your small pet in the care of a friend or neighbor who may not notice the warning signs of a serious illness, which require immediate and appropriate action to avoid. Your pet’s health depends on the care of individuals who know what to do. At Paws Pet Resort and Spa, we have years of experience working with all kinds of pets. Our small pet boarding accommodations are clean and comfortable, and all our  guests enjoy regular and loving attention from our caring, experienced and certified staff.

We Encourage a Smooth Transition to Our Pet Safe Environment

So that the transition of your pet to their new home away from home goes smoothly, we ask that you bring the following items with you:

  • His/her favorite toys, food and food dishes. (The food supplied should be sufficient to last the duration of their stay with us)
  • Proof of a thorough examination from a veterinarian in the last twelve months
  • A small carrier for easy transportation

We Make Your Pet’s Safety Our First Priority

Hamster peeking out of his bed

We love little guys too!

We remain one of the most recommended bird boarding facilities by leading veterinarians due to many factors, including our safety record. The safety of all our pet boarding guests is our first priority. Therefore, as mentioned above, we require that all pets staying with us be current on the necessary vaccinations. Additionally, we make sure to maintain:

  • A secure pet boarding facility, with wellness checks provided and continuous monitoring throughout the day
  • Extended staff hours to ensure proper supervision throughout your pet’s entire stay
  • Smoke and fire detection systems